beHuman Bonus Gig and Donate Coupon Program

Do you have an audience or know brands and marketers who would benefit from hands-free online marketing services?

beHuman is multi-lingual online content marketing and software team that helps brands grow online. Our services create traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and even Baidu. Our service also grows our member’s community on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more.


To learn about our main product ThriveSites™ [click here]

Earn up to $644 USD every time a member signs up with your coupon.

 We have four pricing plans, Kindle, Vivid, Hero & Enterprise.

Every time your coupon is used, you automatically get paid via paypal. (Great for NonProfits!)

You’re paid 10% when a new member pays monthly. Your pay is increased to 16.97% when a member pays yearly.

Here’s the breakdown of both monthly and yearly payouts.

  • ThriveSites Monthly Plan Signup (10% Coupon Pay)
    • Kindle Plan Sign Up: $257
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $25.70
    • Vivid Plan Sign Up: $499
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $49.90
    • Hero Plan Sign Up: $1135
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $113.50
    • Enterprise Plan Sign up: $4938
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $493.80
  • ThriveSites Yearly Plan Signup (16.97% Coupon Pay)
    • Kindle Plan: $198
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $33.60
    • Vivid Plan: $386
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $65.50
    • Hero Plan: $875
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $148.48
    • Enterprise Plan: $3799
      • Your Pay Per Coupon = $644.69
*Payments are from first month only, one payment per customer*

How to promote:

  • Networking: go on, Facebook groups, LinkedIn and find business groups go and see how you can help people.
    • You could start your own group and talk about sales, culture, productization. beHuman sits in the middle of all that.
  • If you have a high traffic blog, you could write about the costs of social media and why beHuman is less.
  • Promote the fact that we’re about 80% less than other agencies, because we’re not manually doing everything. We leverage software, best practices to creating All-Star performance. Click here for cost comparison


The Process for becoming an affiliate:

  • We don’t accept everyone as an affiliate or sales rep. The process is to fill in the form below with as much detail as you can. From there, we will contact you and determine if us working together will be a good fit. If it is, we will be in touch so we can start working together.
  • We’ll give you customized coupons which you can give your prospects. If they use it, we’ll be able to see that you’re the one who initiated the relationship.
  1. To reduce exploitation, during your first payout we’ll only payout when there are at least 2 ‘enterprise’ sign ups or at least 3 hero plan signups or 4 vivid sign ups or a total of six signups.
    1. This may actually never be enforced if we have a prior relationship with you.
  2. A single company can only sign up for one ThriveSites plan.
  3. Due to the complexity of this business and our pricing and resource costs, which are affected by global and isolated economic conditions, any of the terms and rates may change at any time.

*We don’t have rates determined for LeadOptimizer at this time.*


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