The beHuman Collective™, Changing Lives, Growing NonProfits & Brands

Our one goal: See every for-profit business on this planet donating 10-20% or more of their profits to Social Uplift.


If you’re a Nonprofit, Business or Mentor, let’s start a movement together.


Becoming a beHuman Non-Profit: Certification-behuman-approved-phianthropic-badgeWe approve and match exceptional nonprofits who can increase social impact, by accepting donation or resource support from businesses.

  • Nonprofits also gain free monthly webinar training on how to use social media the correct way to expand their mission.
  • Nonprofits also receive referral donations, when they introduce a business that purchases a hands-free beHuman service.

Becoming a beHuman Business:Certification-behuman-BRAND-badgeWe certify and match businesses who care about social uplift with non-profits.

  • With beHuman’s Storytelling, the partnership creates greater social impact, while increasing customer loyalty and shareholder wealth.

Becoming a beHuman Mentor:Certification-behuman-approved-mentor-badgeWe approve brand experience, leadership and change mentors with businesses in growth transition.

  • The partnership transforms internal culture, improves employee accountability and performance.
  • Our process helps brands achieve desired Key Results and organizational mission in less time.
  • Mentors enjoy direct paid consulting with growing brands.
  • beHuman showcases exceptional mentors contributing to social uplift.


You’ll be in great company



How the growth happens:

beHuman tells the story to the world, growing everyone involved, through ‘search’ traffic, awareness, ‘social’ community growth and conversions:


beHuman is a team of online awareness generation experts, our passion is social uplift.

The most effective way to grow online is to create relevant content for your audience.

Creating emotional bonds with your audience is when relevant content tells a story which the audience can feel.

When an audience relates and cares about the story, they share, become cause supporters or buy.

Through our online Storytelling, this is how our members of many types grow to have millions of supporters online.

Now through The beHuman Collective™ we’re changing lives and the world of business with each new beHuman partnership.

Apply to join the beHuman Collective

  • Feel free to tell us about yourself and your mission, what do you stand for or against?

Let’s start a movement together 🙂

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