Refer A Brand, Choose A NonProfit, We Donate On Your Behalf.


beHuman’s ‘Donations For Referrals’ Program


beHuman will donate up to $644 USD to any Nonprofit of your choice.

All we ask is that you connect us with a company that wants to grow online. When they sign up, we donate. It’s that simple.

We’ll also publicly thank you on our blog and partner portals, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn.




 Our primary goal: every company on the planet donating 20% of their profits to social uplift.


We encourage this shift through our online storytelling. We interview the people whose lives were touched by the donations, and share their story across our blogs, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Our stories show the world a company doing good, lifting this company above the noise online. Other brands see the effect and want to join.

Storytelling, also known as ‘content marketing’, is the de facto standard for growing brands online, and it just plain works.




What We Give

When a company you introduce signs up for one our services, we donate the following

  • ThriveSites Yearly Plan Signup 
  • 16.97% of the first months payment goes to your chosen NonProfit
    • Kindle Plan
      • Signup Donation = $33.60 USD
    • Vivid Plan 
      • Signup Donation = $65.50 USD
    • Hero Plan 
      • Signup Donation = $148.48 USD
    • Enterprise Plan 
      • Signup Donation = $644.69 USD
  • 10% Donations for Monthly Plan Signups



Who We Give To (Or Your Choice)




The product that matters to companies.

beHuman is a multi-lingual online marketing team that gets brands millions of monthly visitors and followers, from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and More.


Introducing ThriveSites™, Hands-Free Online Marketing

Daily Blog Posts

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Web Site Design & Hosting

All completely Hands-Free.

To learn about ThriveSites™ and Meet Our Team [click here]



How To Connect Us:

Simply contact us through the form below. Tell us about the company you’re introducing to us, how you would like to be involved and showcased?

Also feel free to e-mail us directly [click to email]

Connect Us Here, To Give Back

  • Disclaimer: The NonProfit must be ethically transparent and not be involved in disingenuous practices. Charities must be sustainable operations. We only donate to programs who are actively working to solve social issues, not merely band-aiding them.
  • Feel free to provide as much detail as possible


How to promote:

If you would like to help us further promote, you can do so through the following efforts.

Blogging or online community

  • write about how companies who get involved with philanthropy grow more.


  • Tweet or share our offer by highlighting the text below with your mouse (a box will pop-up):
    • We will donate up to $644 USD to any #nonprofit you choose, when you refer a #brand who wants to grow online @behumantw


  • Visit and find groups that align with philanthropy and tell your new friends about our program
  • Visit Facebook and LinkedIn marketing / social media groups. Discover companies that could could use our help
  • Find nonprofits who are seeking donations and introduce them to beHuman. They can join here



Are you a Mentor or NonProfit?


Become a beHuman Approved NonProfit or Mentor, Join the beHuman Collective, receive donations, get free social media training, or grow your personal band [Click here to Learn More]





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