beHuman’s Internal Culture, purpose realized through Philanthropy / CSR

Mirroring what some of the young and great organizations have already identified, that socially our motivation for living and participating in the world has evolved beyond mechanistic assembly lines to fill the closets of faceless consumers with ‘stuff’, or to line their shelves with external rewards they don’t need.

Globally as our quality of life continues to progress, a new need for connection to a higher purpose has been allowed to grow root in the everyday lives of people everywhere.

Any team and its members who align themselves with a higher purpose, are empowered to lead with stronger performance, greater health, and higher overall well-being.

We believe purpose starts with why your business or brand exists in the world today. The easiest way to create this connection is to create social value beyond daily profit-maximizing activities.

Buyers are becoming more and more picky about the brands they associate themselves with, it has been proven that buyers will choose one brand out of two offering the same services, while also willing to pay a higher price, if only one of the brand is contributing to social good, charitable causes or CSR.

Brands contributing to Social Good are able to realize many benefits, from brand differentiation to happier employees.

We believe building a business model that is aligned with charitable activities that benefit the greater good of society, not only make it easier to navigate in turbulent economic times but as a necessary activity of all brands who wish to secure their future on the global marketplace.

Beyond the external rewards, we believe most importantly a brand who gives back, benefits the most internally. Happier and more satisfied employees make room for greater creativity and performance.

A business without a culture will have a harder time in today’s marketplace of discerning buyers, only to eventually fizzle out.

There is a recipe with three ingredients that which enables culture to grow naturally, creating a thriving internal culture.

(1) Autonomy

Taking guidance from behavioral scientists Edward Deci, Richard Ryan, and how some of the greater companies operate ‘Google, IBM, Facebook’ We know that people everywhere seek to operate from a ‘default setting’ to be autonomous and self-directed.

Unfortunately, most brands are still operating from outdated notions of ‘control management’ which is the anti-ingredient for game-changing culture.

To realize the high performance that autonomy enables, there are four needs that people must have fulfilled first:

Autonomy over task (what they do)
Autonomy over Time (when they do it)
Autonomy over Team (who they do it with)
Autonomy over Technique (how they do it)

This is how and why we hear stories of garage sized companies seemingly ‘coming out of nowhere’ and knocking the socks off once well-footed competitors.

(2) Mastery

Creating a workplace where learning is not a feature but the foundation. A learning workplace will stir the desire for continuous growth and engagement, the recipe for Mastery. People experience perfect engagement when the challenges they face are exquisitely matched with their abilities.

Mastery is a mindset which reminds us to see our abilities are not finite, but as infinitely improvable. Consider this pursuit as a muscle that must be exercised through deliberate practice.

(3) Purpose

We all want to be part of something great that is also bigger than ourselves.

“Purpose motive” in great brands like TOMS Shoes, Vitamma, Warby Parker can be seen in three ways: in goals that use profit to reach purpose; in words that emphasize more than self-interest; and in policies that allow people to pursue purpose on their own terms.

An organization that helps its employee culture achieve purpose maximization that is aligned with profit maximization is creating a 100-year business on its first step into the new economy.

Consider aligning your brand with a CSR or charitable cause today.

A great way to get started is simply donate 10-20% of your time or resources to a local community project.

beHuman is actively creating a network of approved philanthropic initiatives that you may be interested in partnering with, please contact us for more information. Click here to get in touch 🙂

Also, if you are an organizational development mentor please get in touch, if the fit is right we wouldn’t mind collaborating with you!

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